Obese Mothers Give Their Babies a Bad Start

Researchers have reported that babies of mothers who have unhealthy obesity, i.e. obesity along with one or more metabolic comorbidities, are born with greater levels of adiposity than the offspring of women with obesity without such comorbidities.  [A role for the early pregnancy maternal milieu in the intergenerational transmission of obesity. [Flanagan EW, Most J, Altazan AD, Boyle KE, Redman LM  11/4/21 doi.org/10.1002/oby.23283]. Unhealthy metabolic risk factors in addition to obesity included a bad lipid profile or an elevated blood sugar.

As obesity rates continue to increase among the adult population, the rates of obesity will continue to increase among our children, resulting in a tightening spiral of increasing obesity among our youth. [Uncoiling the Tightening Obesity Spiral.  Cucin RL  Clin Res Diab Endocrinol:1(2):1-5 (2018)]