The Public Speaks: Tackle the Type 2 Diabetes Problem Directly

AP (3/8/17) reports that fewer obese people are trying to loose weight than in prior years and researchers wonder if fat acceptance could be one of the reasons. Given enlarging meal portions, mainstream plus size models, re-scaling of clothing sizes, and popular overweight leads in sitcoms, the hypothesis seems not just tenable but proven.  The frequent inability of patients to keep weight off after losing it with diet and exercise, or sometimes even after bariatric surgery undoubtedly contributes to this shift.  It is not at all unlikely that the political correctness to avoid the subject of weight also prevents some of the peer pressure that might conceivably reinforce the dieter’s decision to pass up that extra French fry.

Some studies have implicated some infections that could be partially behind the obesity epidemic.  Researchers have found evidence to suggest  that infection with the common Adenovirus-36 leads the body to create more and fatter stem cells.    This observer concludes the AP report alone suggests that Obesity is at least socially contagious because the increased prevalence of Obesity has already spurred a change in social mores.

Obesity is not the morbidity itself though it does create a cardiovascular load, mechanical stress on the joints, and promote sleep apnea and gastric reflux.  There are some healthy obese patients, mostly younger patients who exercise regularly, who haven’t yet developed metabolic syndrome or who are genetically gifted not to do so.  The Public Enemy #1 is the Type II Diabetes associated with the metabolic syndrome which frequently complicates Obesity.  There are an estimated 29 million Type II Diabetics in the U.S.  Type II Diabetes is the leading cause of kidney failure needing dialysis, the most frequent indication for non-traumatic amputations, and a leading cause of blindness.

As it is the visceral or “belly fat” within the abdomen which secretes resistin, a cellular hormone which antagonizes the body’s own insulin to cause Type II Diabetes, reducing the size of that noxious cytokine factory which functions as a life-shortening gland with Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy (EVL) is a direct approach to the problem.  Incidentally, the patient might cinch his or her belt a notch or two right off the operating table and is expected loose a great deal of body weight afterwards.  But the restoration of normal metabolism and amelioration of Type II Diabetes is the immediate goal of the procedure.  Though less attention by patients to their weight is not at all a pleasing finding for physicians, it does suggest the public has already recognized the need to retarget our emphasis!  EVL does so.

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  • May 5, 2017 at 2:01 am

    If your body has a tendency towards insulin resistance, that propensity will never disappear and there is the concern of the problem with diabetic issues. A bariatric operation could aid in decreasing your blood glucose numbers and you might get to an aspect where you don’t have to take any type of kind of medicines, yet you will constantly be required to realize that if you gain back the (prior) weight, the diabetes could potentially return. Article –

    • May 5, 2017 at 3:14 am

      You are right in part, but location, location, location. Body fat (with the exception of that about your flanks and waistline which does so to a very small amount) doesn’t drain into the portal circulation. It is there where the cellular hormones fat secrete hijack the liver “protein factory” and the body’s metabolism, shutting it down and pouring out the bad rather than good lipids. So the correct answer is we all have some tendency to insulin resistances and that insulin resistance comes from the visceral fat we have. Fortunately the number of visceral fat cells is fixed within the first year of life (by genetics and diet in the first year). And once removed, in endoscopic visceral lipectomy (“EVL”) unlike other bariatric procedures, those fat cells do NOT grow back, they are gone forever, removing some of those noxious cytokine factories from the body forever. The remaining fat cells, which are like squashed sponges (signet rings when filled with fat), can still spring into action pouring out their poisons if you consume the salt and sugar that activates them, but at least there will be fewer of them doing so, and hence less of a tendency to develop D2M!
      Visceral sleeve, gastric band, or bypass work by STARVING the fat, they don’t remove it – so yes in that case, the diabetic propensity will remain as those fat cells are sitting there in lair, waiting for that sugar and salt to spring into action.

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